Return Policy

Returns process


Please write to within 120 calendar days from the date of purchase, to request a return or exchange and specify the reasons for the same. We will contact you following that for further information.


What is the 120-day free trial?

This trial allows you to experience the comfort of our mattress in the comforts of your own home for 120 days from the date of delivery. During this trial period, should you discover that the mattress you purchased is too firm or too soft, you can request a change of the mattress once as per return policy. We are confident that we can help you find the right sleeping solution!


This trial period gives you ample time to decide whether the mattress is right for you, and if not, you can usually return it for a full refund. By having patience with your new mattress during this trial period, you can make an informed decision about whether it’s the right fit for you and your sleep needs.

This 120-day trial does not apply to customized mattresses & Pillows along with reasons such as height, mattress specification, & wrong size or incorrect product ordered are not valid for a refund.


What is your return policy?


In the unlikely event we cannot help you find the right sleeping solution, we will collect back the mattress under 120 night trial and a refund of your purchase price minus AED 200, to cover our third-party transport costs, will be given. To be entitled to an exchange or refund, the mattress must not be found dirty, marked, damaged or abused when inspected by the Kingmattress staff. After the inspection, a bank transfer will be processed. “Please note that refunds are processed once every fortnight, so it may take up to two weeks for your refund to be issued after we receive your returned item.”


  • Reasons such as, height & mattress specification (wrong size order ) are not valid for a refund.
  • Kingmattres reserves the right to refuse a return or exchange at any time and we may ask for picture identification. Get in touch with our customer care team for more details at
  • This return policy extends only to the original purchaser of any Kingmattress mattress. This return policy is valid only for the period of time the Kingmattress mattress are owned by the original purchaser of the Kingmattress mattress. The “original purchaser,” for the purposes of this return policy, is the first purchaser or household of the Kingmattress mattress from our authorized channels
  • Exchange is applicable only for standard-size mattresses and valid for one-time exchange only.
  • The product must be returned in its original packaging and in a new, unused condition.
  • In case any freebies are provided with the order, the cost of the freebies shall be deducted from the refund amount.
  • The return policy is valid in 120 nights, meaning you can request a changes after 2 weeks.

Having patience with your new mattress is important for several reasons:

  • Breaking in period: Like any new product, your new mattress needs time to break in. Mattresses are made of materials that can take some time to conform to your body and provide the right level of support. So, if you give your new mattress some time, it will eventually become more comfortable and supportive.
  • Adjustment period: If you’re transitioning from an old mattress to a new one, your body may need time to adjust to the new sleeping surface. This adjustment period can take a few days or even a few weeks. So, if you’re not immediately comfortable on your new mattress, don’t be discouraged. Give it some time and you may find that you start to sleep better.
  • Investment: A good mattress is an investment in your health and well-being. By being patient with your new mattress, you can ensure that you get the most out of your investment. Rushing to replace a mattress that may just need some time to break in can be costly in the long run.

If a mattress has a waterfall design (no side tape), where the fabric covering the mattress extends over the edges and down to the bottom without any visible seams or edges, measuring the mattress may be a bit different than measuring a mattress with straight edges. Here are some steps you can follow to measure a mattress with a waterfall design:


  • Gather the necessary tools: You will need a measuring tape, a pen or pencil, and a piece of paper.
  • Identify the widest points: Determine the widest points of the mattress by running your hands along the edges of the mattress. Note these points with your pen or pencil.
  • Measure the length: Measure the length of the mattress from one end to the other. Make sure to measure from the centre of the widest points you identified earlier.
  • Measure the width: Measure the width of the mattress from one widest point to the other. This may be more challenging than measuring a flat mattress because of the waterfall design. Take multiple measurements at different points along the width to ensure accuracy.
  • Measure the height: Measure the height of the mattress from the bottom to the highest point of the mattress, which may be the top of the waterfall design.
  • Record your measurements: Write down your measurements on a piece of paper, and make sure to label them clearly.
  • Check your measurements: Double-check your measurements to ensure accuracy.


When measuring a mattress with a waterfall design, it’s important to take multiple measurements at different points along the width to ensure accuracy. Additionally, make sure to measure from the centre of the widest points to get an accurate measurement of the length and width of the mattress.

Disputes, if any, are subject to UAE jurisdiction only.